Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Verify the HA Configuration

After you start Calendar Server check that all required processes or daemons (csadmind, enpd, csnotifyd, and cshttpd) are running.

Additionally, conduct a switchover of the service to the backup node to ensure the high availability. For example, if the service is running on cal-node-1, issue the following command to switch the service to cal-node-2.

# scswitch -z -g cal-resource-group
                            -h cal-node-2

Then check that all processes are started on cal-node-2.

For troubleshooting, error messages are written to the console and /var/adm/messages.

The /var/cluster/rgm/rt/SUNW.scics/loglevel file contains the logging level. Use “9” for maximum verbosity.

For information about using the logging facility, refer to the Related Documentation.