Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Calendar Server Logins

For a hosted domain installation, each user must have a user ID (uid) that is unique within the domain. A login to Calendar Server uses the following format:


If domain-name is omitted, Calendar Server uses the default domain name specified by the service.defaultdomain parameter in the ics.conf file. Thus, if a user is logging into the default domain, only the userid is required.

For an installation with a non-hosted domain environment, domain-name is not required. If a domain name is specified, it will be ignored.

If auto-provisioning is enabled, the first time a user logs in, Calendar Server creates a default calendar for the user. For information about calendar creation, see Chapter 15, Administering Calendars.

Login permission is based on the icsStatus or icsAllowedServiceAccess attribute. For more information, see LDAP Attributes and Property Names.