Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Preparing to Create Resource Calendars

A resource calendar is associated with things that can be scheduled, such as meeting rooms, notebook computers, overhead projectors and other equipment. Resource calendars require access control lists.

As shown in table Table 15–3, two configuration parameters in the ics.conf file apply to resource calendars:

To change the default values for these parameters (shown in table Table 15–3), edit the ics.conf file. Changes to the default values will apply only to new resource calendars; it will not change the values for existing resources.

For Schema 1, use the Calendar Server Utility cscal to change values for an existing resource calendar. The csresource utility does not have a modify command.

For Schema 2, use the Delegated Administrator Utility command commadmin resource modify. The Delegated Administrator Console does not allow you to change these values for calendar resources.

Note –

The Calendar Server notification software is not programmed to send notifications to resources, only to users.

Table 15–3 Resource Calendar Configuration Parameters in the ics.conf file


Description and Default Value  


This parameter determines the default access control permissions used when a resource calendar is created. The default permissions are specified by the following Access Control List (ACL): 


This ACL grants all calendar users read, schedule, and free/busy access to the calendar, including both components and properties. 

To change the permissions for a resource, use the-a option when you create the calendar using the csresource utility create command.


This parameter determines if a resource calendar allows doublebooking. Doublebooking allows a resource calendar to have more than one event scheduled for the same time. 

The default is "no"— Do not allow doublebooking.

To allow doublebooking for a resource calendar, use the -k option when you create the calendar using the csresource utility create command.