Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Configure Proxy Authentication

  1. Log in as an administrator with permission to change the configuration.

  2. Change to the /etc/opt/SUNWics5/cal/config directory.

  3. Save your old ics.conf file by copying and renaming it.

  4. Edit the ics.conf parameters as shown in the following table:


    Description and Default Value  


    Enables administrator proxy authentication when set to “yes”. The default is “no”.


    Lists the user ID's with administration rights to Calendar Server. The default is “calmaster”. This can be a space-separated list with multiple values. One of the values must be the value as specified in the file for calendar.wcap.adminid.


    User ID of the calmaster. This should be the same as the user ID found in the calendar.wcap.adminid parameter of the file.


    Password for the calmaster. This should be the same as the user ID found in the calendar.wcap.passwd parameter of the file.

    Note –

    The file is located in the comms_express_svr_base/WEB-INF/config directory, where comm_express_svr_base is the directory where Communications Express was installed.

  5. Save the file as ics.conf.

  6. Restart Calendar Server.


See Also

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