Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Creating Users and Resources

This section provides the following information about managing new Calendar Server users and resources:

To Create New Users in Schema 2

You can use either the Delegated Administrator Console or Utility:

To Create New Users For Schema 1

Use the csuser utility. For example, to add user jdoe in the domain:

csuser -m -d create jdoe

To Create New Resources for Schema 2

You can use either the Delegated Administrator Console or Utility:

To Create New Resources for Schema 1

Use the csresource utility to create both the LDAP entry and the resource calendar. For example, to add a projector, p101, use the following command:

csresource -m -c p101 create Projector_101

For more information on csresource, see the csresource.

To Add the Required mail Attribute

Calendar Server requires users and resources to have the mail attribute, which contains the email address of the user or resource. This enables people to search for calendars and resources using an email address or a calid. When you create new users with Delegated Administrator, it adds the mail attribute automatically. This happens even if the user has not been assigned mail service.

Note –

Calendar Server does not support email notifications for resource calendars.

Adding the mail attribute does not enable email notifications for user calendars.

To enable email notification for user calendars, add the following two attributes to the user’s LDAP entry:


If your users and resources were added in an earlier version of Calendar Server (when the mail attribute was not required), you might have to add the mail attribute to your existing user and resource LDAP entries.

This section covers the following topics:

To Check if the mail Attribute Has Been Set

To check if the attribute has been set, use the csattribute list command with the -v (verbose) option:

csattribute -v list Room100

The output tells if the mail attribute is present:

cn=Room 100,ou=conferenceRooms,dc=sesta,dc=com
 has mail:

To Add the Mail Attribute to Existing Users and Resources

To add the mail attribute to existing users and resources, use one of the following methods: