Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

To Modify an LDAP Entry Attribute

To modify an LDAP entry attribute, use ldapmodify. For example, to change the status of user with uid=tchang, use ldapmodify as shown:

 changetype: modify
 add: objectclass
 objectClass: icsCalendarUser
 add: icsStatus
 icsStatus: active

Note –

If your site is using the LDAP CLD plug-in, do not attempt to move a user’s calendars from one back-end host to another by changing the value of icsDWPHost, using csattribute. Modifying icsDWPHost does not cause the calendar to be moved to the new back-end host. For instruction on how to move a calendar from one back-end server to another, see Managing User Calendars.