Sun Java System Calendar Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

To Set Up Email Aliases

If you need to setup email aliases for a calendar user, add the mailalternateaddress attribute to the user's LDAP entry. The mail attribute provides the primary mail address, and the mailalternateaddress attribute is used for email aliases. Both attributes map the mail addresses to the user’s calendar ID (calid).

You can add the attribute using the Calendar Server Utility csattribute, or by directly updating LDAP with ldapmodify. The following example uses csattribute.

Note –

To enable these changes, you might also need to rebuild alias tables or configurations. Refer to the documentation for Messaging Server (or your email product) as well as your site's own documentation and procedures regarding changes to mail services. Messaging Server documentation is available on this at:

Example 14–1 Adding an Email Alias with csattribute

For example, to add the mailalternateaddress attribute for a user named John Smith with these values:

csattribute -a add johnsmith
 csattribute -a add johnsmith