Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 2005Q4 SP5 Release Notes

Search Engine Support

Sun Java System Web Server supports a Java-based search engine that provides full-text search indexing and retrieval. The search feature allows users to search documents on the server and display results on a Web page. Server administrators create the indexes of documents against which users will search, and can customize the search interface to meet specific needs.

The default URL end-users can use to access search functionality is:

http://<server-instance >:port number/search



When the end-user invokes this URL, the Search page, which is a Java Web application, is launched.

For detailed information about conducting basic and advanced searches, including information about keywords and optional query operators, see the online Help provided with the search engine. To access this information, click the Help link on the Search page. For more information, see Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP4 Administrator’s Guide.