Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 Quick Start Guide

Configuring a Cluster and Application for High Availability

The FirstCluster cluster must be configured to use HADB and high-availability must be enabled for the clusterjsp application before you can verify HTTP session persistence.

ProcedureTo Configure a Cluster and Application for High Availability

  1. From the machine on which the Domain Administration Server is running, configure FirstCluster to use HADB using this command:

    asadmin configure-ha-cluster --hosts hadb_hostname,hadb_hostname --devicesize 256 FirstCluster

    Replace the hadb_hostname variable with the host name of the machine where HADB is to run. If you are using just one machine, you must name it twice.

    This simplified example runs two nodes of HADB on the same machine. In production settings, use more than one machine.

    Note –

    To reduce the memory footprint of HADB for demonstration purposes, execute the following hadbm command. You are prompted for the administration password.

    In Java Enterprise System installations:

    /opt/SUNWhadb/4/bin/hadbm set DataBufferPoolSize=64,LogBufferSize=25 FirstCluster

    In standalone Application Server installations:

    install_dir/hadb/4/bin/hadbm set DataBufferPoolSize=64,LogBufferSize=25 FirstCluster

  2. Configure the clusterjsp application for HTTP session persistence by enabling high availability:

    1. In the Admin Console, expand the Applications node.

    2. Expand Enterprise Applications.

    3. Click clusterjsp.

    4. In the right pane, on the General tab, click the Availability Enabled checkbox.

    5. Click Save.

      Availability is enabled at the server instance and container level by default.