Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 Quick Start Guide

ProcedureTo Remove the Sample Cluster

Use this procedure to remove only the FirstCluster (the sample highly-available cluster) and the sample application used during this exercise.

  1. Stop the Application Server processes and clean up configuration:

    asadmin stop-cluster FirstCluster

    asadmin remove-ha-cluster --hosts hadb_hostname,hadb_hostname FirstCluster

    Replace the hadb_hostname variable with the host name of the machine where HADB is to run. If you are using just one machine, you must name it twice.

    asadmin disable-http-lb-server FirstCluster

    asadmin delete-http-lb-ref --config MyLbConfig FirstCluster

    asadmin delete-http-lb-config MyLbConfig

    asadmin delete-instance i1

    asadmin delete-instance i2

    asadmin delete-cluster FirstCluster

    asadmin undeploy clusterjsp

  2. Stop the web server instance acting as load balancer by running the stop program in:


  3. Rename the loadbalancer.xml file in web_server_install_dir/https-hostname/config to loadbalancer.xml.sav

  4. Stop the HADB Management Agent by one of the following methods:

    • In a Solaris or Linux Java Enterprise System installation:

      1. Change to the /etc/init.d directory:

        cd /etc/init.d

      2. Run the command to stop the agent:

        ./ma-initd stop

    • In a Windows Java Enterprise System installation:

      1. Go to Start⇒Settings⇒Control Panel, and double click Administrative Tools.

      2. Double click the Services shortcut.

      3. Select HADBMgmtAgent Service from the Services list.

      4. From the Action menu, select Stop.

    • In a stand-alone Solaris or Linux Application Server installation:

      1. Change to install-dir/hadb/4/bin

      2. Run the command to stop the agent:

        ./ma-initd stop

    • In a stand-alone Windows Application Server Installation:

      1. Change to install-dir\hadb\4.x\bin

        The x represents the release number of HADB.

      2. Run the command to stop the agent:

        ma -r

Next Steps

Congratulations! You have now completed the Quick Start for Application Server.

In this section, you have installed, configured, and started HADB and configured a cluster and an application to use high availability. You have also cleaned up so that your system is ready for other work. See Where to Go Next for additional information on Application Server.