Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo deploy an application

From the Applications Tab, you can enable, disable, and deploy selected applications associated with the instance.

  1. Select the checkbox for the desired application.

  2. From the Deploy drop down menu, select the type application module you want to deploy:

    • Enterprise Application: a J2EE application in an EAR (Enterprise Application Archive) file or directory.

    • Web Application: a collection of Web resources such as JavaServer Pages (JSPs), servlets, and HTML pages that are packaged in a WAR (Web Application Archive) file or directory.

    • EJB Module: one or more Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB components) contained in an EJB JAR (Java Archive) file or directory.

    • Connector Module: connects to an Enterprise Information System (EIS) and is packaged in a RAR (Resource Adapter Archive) file or directory.

    • Lifecycle Module: performs tasks when it is triggered by one or more events in the server’s lifecycle.

    • App Client Module: also called a J2EE application client JAR file, contains the server-side routines for the client.