Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 Administration Guide

JDBC Resources

To store, organize, and retrieve data, most applications use relational databases. J2EE applications access relational databases through the JDBC API.

A JDBC resource (data source) provides applications with a means of connecting to a database. Typically, the administrator creates a JDBC resource for each database accessed by the applications deployed in a domain. (However, more than one JDBC resource can be created for a database.)

To create a JDBC resource, specify a unique JNDI name that identifies the resource. (See the section JNDI Names and Resources.) Expect to find the JNDI name of a JDBC resource in java:comp/env/jdbc subcontext. For example, the JNDI name for the resource of a payroll database could be java:comp/env/jdbc/payrolldb. Because all resource JNDI names are in the java:comp/env subcontext, when specifying the JNDI name of a JDBC resource in the Admin Console, enter only jdbc/name. For example, for a payroll database specify jdbc/payrolldb.