Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo create a JDBC resource

A JDBC resource (data source) provides applications with a means of connecting to a database.

Before You Begin

Before creating a JDBC resource, first create a JDBC connection pool. See To create a JDBC connection pool.

  1. In the tree component, expand the Resources node.

  2. Under Resources, expand the JDBC node.

  3. Under JDBC, select the JDBC Resources node.

  4. On the JDBC Resources page, click New.

  5. On the Create JDBC Resource page, specify the resource’s settings:

    1. In the JNDI Name field, type a unique name.

      By convention, the name begins with the jdbc/ string. For example: jdbc/payrolldb. Don’t forget the forward slash.

    2. From the Pool Name combo box, choose the connection pool to be associated with the new JDBC resource.

    3. If you want the resource to be unavailable, deselect the Enabled checkbox.

      By default, the resource is available (enabled) as soon as it is created.

    4. In the Description field, type a short description of the resource.

    5. In the Targets section, specify the targets (clusters and standalone server instances) on which the resource is available.

      Select the desired target on the left, and click Add to add it to the list of selected targets.

  6. Click OK.

Equivalent asadmin command