Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo set listener security properties

This procedure applies to HTTP listener, IIOP listener, and JMX Connector security properties.

  1. In the Edit HTTP Listener, Edit IIOP Listener, or Edit JMX Connector page, go to the section labeled SSL.

  2. Check the Enabled box in the Security field to enable security for this listener. When this option is selected, you must select SSL3 or TLS to specify which type of security is enabled, and you must enter a certificate nickname.

  3. Check the Enabled box in the Client Authentication field if clients are to authenticate themselves to the Application Server when using this listener.

  4. Enter the keystore alias in the Certificate Nickname field if the Enabled box is checked. The keystore alias is a single value that identifies an existing server key pair and certificate. The certificate nickname for the default keystore is s1as.

    To find the Certificate Nickname, use the certutil utility, as described in Using Network Security Services (NSS) Tools.

  5. Select SSL3 and/or TLS if the Enabled box is checked. By default, both SSL3 and TLS are enabled.

  6. Enable individual cipher suites, if needed. By default, all supported cipher suites are enabled. Ciphers are discusses in About Ciphers.

  7. Select Save to save the changes or Load Defaults to cancel.