Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 High Availability Administration Guide

Unregistering HADB Packages

Use the hadbm unregisterpackage command to remove HADB packages that are registered with the management domain.

Before using the hadbm unregisterpackage command, ensure that all management agents are configured and running on all the hosts in the hostlist, the management agent’s repository is available for updates, the package is registered in the management domain, and no existing databases are configured to run on the package about to be unregistered.

The command syntax is:

hadbm unregisterpackage  
[--adminpassword=password | --adminpasswordfile= file]  
[--agent= maurl]  
[package-name ]

The package-name operand is the name of the package.

See Registering HADB Packages above for a description of the --hosts option. If you omit the --hosts option, the hostlist defaults to the enabled hosts where the package is registered. See Security Options and General Options for a description of other command options.

Example 2–2 Example of unregistering HADB

To unregister software package v4 from specific hosts in the domain:

hadbm unregisterpackage --hosts=host1,host2,host3 v4

The response is:

Package successfully unregistered.