Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 High Availability Administration Guide

Command Syntax

The hadbm utility is located in the HADB_install_dir /bin directory. The general syntax of the hadbm command is:

hadbm subcommand  
[-short-option [option-value]] 
[--long-option [option-value]] 

The subcommand identifies the operation or task to perform. Subcommands are case-sensitive. Most commands have one operand (usually dbname), but some have none, and some have two.

Options modify how hadbm performs a subcommand. Options are case-sensitive. Each option has a long form and a short form. Precede the short form with a single dash (-); precede the long forms with two dashes (--). Most options require argument values, except for boolean options, which must be present to switch a feature on. Options are not required for successful execution of the command.

If a subcommand requires a database name, and you do not specify one, hadbm will use the default database, hadb.

Example 3–1 Example of hadbm command

The following illustrates the status subcommand:

hadbm status --nodes