Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 High Availability Administration Guide

Node Agent Synchronization

When a node agent is started for the first time, it sends a request to the Domain Administration Server (DAS) for the latest information in the central repository. Once it successfully contacts the DAS and gets configuration information, the node agent is bound to that DAS.

Note –

By default, the asadmin start-node-agent command automatically starts the remote server instances without synchronizing with DAS. If you are starting a remote server instance that is synchronized with the central repository managed by DAS, specify the --startinstances=false option of the asadmin start-node-agent command. Then use the asadmin start-instance command to start the remote server instance.

If you created a placeholder node agent on the DAS, when the node agent is started for the first time it gets its configuration from the central repository of the DAS. During its initial start-up, if the node agent is unable to reach the DAS because the DAS is not running, the node agent stops and remains unbound.

If changes are made in the domain to the node agent’s configuration, they are automatically communicated to the node agent on the local machine while the node agent is running.

If you delete a node agent configuration on the DAS, the next time the node agent synchronizes, it stops and marks itself as awaiting deletion. Manually delete it using the local asadmin delete-node-agent command.