Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 High Availability Administration Guide

Tasks Available through the Admin Console and asadmin Tool

For node agents, some tasks must be performed locally on the system where the node agent runs, while others can be performed on the Domain Administration Server. Tasks that need to be performed locally are only available through the asadmin tool running on the machine where the node agent resides. Tasks that operate on the Domain Administration Server are available through the Admin Console and through the asadmin tool

The following table summarizes the tasks and where to run them:

Table 7–2 Tasks available through the Admin Console and the asadmin command


Admin Console 

asadmin Command 

Create node agent placeholder/configuration on Domain Administration Server 

Create Node Agent placeholder page 


Create node agent 

Not available 


Start node agent 

Not available 


Stop node agent 

Not available 

stop-node agent 

Delete node agent configuration from Domain Administration Server 

Node Agents page 


Delete node agent from local machine 

Not available 


Edit node agent configuration 

Node Agents pages 


List node agents 

Node Agents page 


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