Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 High Availability Administration Guide

ProcedureTo export the load balancer configuration

  1. Export a loadbalancer.xml file using the asadmin command export-http-lb-config.

    Export the loadbalancer.xml file for a particular load balancer configuration. You can specify a path and a different file name. If you don’t specify a file name, the file is named loadbalancer.xml. load_balancer_config_name. If you don’t specify a path, the file is created in the application_server_install_dir /domains/domain_name /generated directory.

    To specify a path on Windows, use quotes around the path. For example, "c:\sun\AppServer\loadbalancer.xml" .

  2. Copy the exported load balancer configuration file to the web server’s configuration directory.

    For example, for the Sun Java System Web Server, that location might be web_server_root/config .

    The load balancer configuration file in the web server’s configuration directory must be named loadbalancer.xml. If your file has a different name, such as loadbalancer.xml. load_balancer_config_name, you must rename it.