Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 High Availability Administration Guide

Using the doNotRemoveList Flag

If your application requires to store and read files in the directories (applications, generated, docroot, config, lib) that are synchronized by the Application Server, use the doNotRemoveList flag. This attribute takes a coma-separated list of files or directories. Your application dependent files are not removed during server startup, even if they do not exist in the central repository managed by DAS. If the same file exists in the central repository, they will be over written during synchronization.

Use the INSTANCE-SYNC-JVM-OPTIONS property to pass in the doNotRemoveList attribute.

For example:

<node-agent name="na1" ...>


<property name="INSTANCE-SYNC-JVM-OPTIONS" value="-Dcom.sun.appserv.doNotRemoveList=applications/j2ee-modules/<webapp_context>/logs,generated/mylogdir"/>