Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 Troubleshooting Guide

Solution 4

List the shared memory segments and check. The ipcs can be used to list the segments in UNIX. Windows uses memory mapped files for shared memory. HADB uses the getTempPath system call to get the system-defined temporary directory where these files, named as f_segmentid, are stored.

Check whether there is already another running database or any other program using the shared memory segment with this identifier. If so, create a database with another port base. If there are no running databases or other programs using this segment, free the segment with hadbm delete unused_database.

Check whether the segments are freed. If they are still there, remove them (use ipcrm in UNIX and delete $TMP/f_* in Windows). The file name consists of the f_ prefix followed by the segment_key translated into hexadecimal. For example, if the error message indicates that segment key 15201 still exists, the temp file would be named f_3B61.