Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 Troubleshooting Guide

Server Responds Slowly After Idle Period


The server takes a long time to service a request after a long period of idleness, and the sever log shows “lost connection” messages of the form: Store: Lost connection to the server.

In such cases, the server needs to recreate the JDBC pool for HADB.


Change the timeout value. The default HADB connection timeout value is 1800 seconds. If the application server does not send any request over a JDBC connection during this period, HADB closes the connection, and the application server needs to re-establish it. To change the timeout value, use the hadbm set SessionTimeout= command.

Note –

Make sure the HADB connection timeout is greater than the JDBC connection pool timeout. If the JDBC connection timeout is more than the HADB connection time out, the connection will be closed from the HADB side, but will remain in the application server connection pool. When the application then tries to use the connection, the application server will have to recreate the connection, which incurs significant overhead.