Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q2 Troubleshooting Guide

create-session-store Failed

The asadmin create-session-store command could fail for one of these reasons:

Invalid user name or password

This error occurs when the --dbsystempassword supplied to the create-session-store command is not the same password as the one given at the time of database creation.

Solution 1

Try the command again with the correct password.

Solution 2

If you cannot remember the dbsystem password, you need to clear the database using hadbm clear and provide a new dbsystem system password.

SQLException: No suitable driver

The create-session-store produces the error: SessionStoreException: java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver.

Solution 1

This error can occur when asadmin is not able to find hadbjdbc4.jar from the AS_HADB path defined in asenv.conf in the Application Server config directory.

The solution is to change AS_HADB to point to the location of the HADB installation.

Here is a sample AS_HADB entry from an asenv.conf file:


Solution 2

This error can also occur if you provide the incorrect value for --storeUrl. To solve this problem, obtain the correct URL using hadbm get jdbcURL.