Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Introduction and Orientation

To simplify both the administrator’s work associated with deployment and the user’s tasks in actually installing and configuring the new software, Sun provides a Deployment Configuration Program. This tool lets the administrator create customized end-user installation packages for the software, with pre-set configuration parameters to simplify and streamline the user’s process, and to enforce any configuration settings the administrator deems necessary or desirable for a particular user or group of users. The Deployment Configuration Program saves those pre-set configuration parameters in an .ini text file, and then bundles the .ini file with an installation program—the Setup Wizard—for end users. When an end user activates the package, the Setup Wizard reads the .ini file to install and configure the Connector software on the user’s desktop according to the administrator’s specifications.

A system administrator may create different installation packages for different individual users, or for different groups of end users—for example, to enforce different configuration schemes for users in the Sales department vs. the Engineering department and so forth, or to offer configuration options to some groups of users while setting fixed parameters (eliminating the choices) for others.