Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide

Exchange Profile Settings for .psts

Migrate Exchange server Contacts to Sun Java System Address Book Server: Tells the user program to migrate the user’s Exchange Contacts and copy them to the Sun Java System Address Book Server. If this option is unmarked, no Exchange Contacts will be migrated.

Update ALL addresses to SMTP format: Tells the user program to convert all addresses that occur within Personal Folders (.pst) files to SMTP (Internet standard) format.

By default, automatically convert a .pst if file is smaller than: ____ MB: In Silent mode: The user program will ignore (not convert) any .pst files larger than or equal to the size specified here. In Interactive mode: If any existing .pst files are larger than or equal to the specified size, the program will prompt the user to specify which (if any) of the large files to convert.

Auto-minimize setup wizard and convert .psts in the background, if total size of all .psts exceeds: ____ MB: This setting is irrelevant in Silent mode. In the Interactive mode, if the total size of all .pst files to be converted exceeds the size specified here, the user program will convert the profiles first, and then automatically minimize itself to the user’s Task Bar to convert the .pst files as a background process. Once the profile has been converted, the user can run Outlook and access the converted profile.

Password-protected Exchange .psts: Choose one of these mutually exclusive options for converting password-protected .pst files: