Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Migrate Terminal Service Users from Exchange to Sun Java System

  1. Prepare the server.

    Log onto the server's local console as an administrator, and configure Outlook to be the default mail client (if it is not already). Then install Web Publishing Wizard and the Connector for Microsoft Outlook.

  2. Create an appropriate desktop installation package.

    Use the Deployment Configuration Program to create a desktop package that does not install any services, but simply converts profiles from Exchange to Sun Java System services. (If the user has been in a non-Exchange environment, there will be no profile to convert, so you must configure the desktop package to create a new Sun Java System profile instead.)

  3. Update the user's desktop.

    Log on to a terminal session as a regular user, and run the desktop installation package that you created in step 2 above— that only converts or creates a user profile, but does not attempt to install or update any services. Then open Outlook and verify that the conversion is complete.