Sun Java System Communications Services 2005Q4 Release Notes

Installation, Upgrade, and Uninstallation

This section describes known issues with installing, upgrading, and uninstalling Messaging Server.

You must use the Java Enterprise System installer to install a cluster agent for Messaging Server. (6175770)

To install Messaging Server in a Sun Cluster environment, you should take the following steps. For a fuller explanation of this procedure, see the Sun Cluster installation example in “Chapter 3: Installation Scenarios” in the Sun Java Enterprise System 6 2005Q4 Installation Guide.

  1. Run the Java Enterprise System installer and select to install the Sun Cluster and Sun Cluster Agents, then choose “Configure later” in the installer.

  2. Configure the Sun Cluster environment. (For details, see the Sun Cluster documentation.)

  3. Run the Java Enterprise System installer again and install Messaging Server (and other component products).

  4. Configure Messaging Server. For details, see the Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

This version of Messaging Server does not support a staged rolling upgrade with minimum downtime in a symmetric HA environment. (4991650)

With Messaging Server 5.2, you could install the Messaging Server more than once on the same machine and patch the different installations separately. This capability enabled support for minimal-downtime staged rolling upgrades. Messaging Server 6 2004Q2 does not provide this capability.

Messaging Server does not start under SunTM Cluster 3.0 Update 3. (4947465)

Messaging Server cluster agents dump core due to a problem in Sun Cluster 3.0 Update 3. Use Sun Cluster 3.1 to solve this problem.