Sun Java System Communications Services 2005Q4 Release Notes


The following known issues are not necessarily localization-specific issues.

Administration Console is unable to start in German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese locales. (6270696).


Create the symbolic link manually:

ln -s msg_svr_base/lib/jars/msgadmin62-2_06_ lang.jar AdminServer_ServerRoot /java/jars/msgadmin62-2_06_lang.jar

On Solaris(SPARC and x86 platforms), you also need to create the correct version .jar files manually:

cp msg_svr_base/lib/jars/msgadmin62-2_03_ lang.jar msg_svr_base/lib/jars/msgadmin62-2_06_ lang.jar

Accents are poorly encoded in Messenger Express messages on Internet Explorer browsers (6268609).

This problem is not seen in Communications Express messages.

Configurator input field is too narrow to view (6192725).

Some input fields in the Messaging Server configurator (invoked by msg_svr_root/sbin/configure) are too narrow to see on some pages in non-English locales on Linux platforms.

Configurator input field is too narrow to view (6192725).


Widen the window size to make input field larger enough to view.