Sun Java System Communications Services 2005Q4 Release Notes

Localization and Globalization

This section describes Delegated Administrator localization problems.

In the localized Delegated Administrator GUI configuration program, config-commda, the default page size may be too small to display all input fields and field labels properly. (6307209)


If you are using a localized GUI configuration program, config-commda, and any labels or input fields are not visible, resize the dialog in the GUI config-commda to accommodate the longer labels.

You cannot create a domain with a language-tagged welcome message. (6242611)

If you use the commadmin domain create command to create a domain with a language-tagged welcome message (with the -A "mailDomainWelcomeMessage;lang-<language tag>:Subject:<message>" option), the domain cannot be created.


First create the domain with the commadmin domain create command. Then use the commadmin domain modify command to add the language-tagged welcome message. For example:

commadmin domain create -D admin -w pass -S mail -H test.<domain>
-d i18n.tst

commadmin domain modify -D admin -w pass -d i18n.tst 
-A "mailDomainWelcomeMessage;lang-fr:Subject:Test$$Test"

An error message, “The organization already exists,” is not localized. (6201623)

If you attempt to create an organization with the same name as an existing organization, Delegated Administrator displays the following error message: “The organization already exists.” This message appears in English and is not translated.