Sun Java System Communications Services 2005Q4 Release Notes

Configurator Tool Issues

This section contains a list of known issues in the Configurator tool for Communications Express.

Configurator Tool for Communications Express Does Not Support the 'Unconfigure' Option. (5104756)

The Communications Express Configurator does not allow you to undeploy, remove files at the time of configuration, and remove files created during runtime.


To unconfigure Communications Express:

  1. Remove the Communications Express package. For example on Solaris type

    pkgrm SUNWuwc

  2. Remove the deploy directories

  3. Remove the WEBAPP entry from Web Server or Application Server server.xml file.

Silent Configuration Does Not Work. (5008791)

Communications Express allows configuration to be executed only interactively, and does not allow silent configuration. When you try to configure in a silent mode, the following error is displayed, “The Directory name cannot be left blank. This is a mandatory field. Please enter again.”

Communications Express Configurator: devinstall Dumps Core for Unresolved Host Aliases. (5028906)

Communications Express Configurator fails to complete the configuration process if your system is not configured for host name aliases.


Ensure that you have configured one or more host name aliases for your system.

To configure one or more host name aliases on UNIX systems:

  1. Provide the configuration for the hosts in /etc/nsswitch.conf file:

    hosts: files dns nis

    This configuration indicates to the name service the lookup order it should use to resolve host names and host aliases. The name service lookup order is: files, dns, and nis.

  2. Ensure that the /etc/hosts file contains two or more host names defined against your machine’s IP address.

    For example, if your system IP address is, then in /etc/hosts file, you can configure the IP address as: budgie

    or budgie loghost

    Example of an incorrect IP address: budgie

GUI Configuration Input Fields are Truncated because Input Fields are Right Aligned. (4996723)

The field names and browser buttons are truncated or not visible when the configuration wizard is invoked in a language other than English.


Resize the configuration panels to view its contents properly.

The Components for Communications Express are Shown to be Zero Bytes. (4982590)

The Configurator tool for Communications Express shows the component size as 0 bytes while displaying the Mail and Calendar components for Communications Express.

Java Exception on Web Server Startup after Configuration of Communications Express. (6283991)

In an installation scenario where the Communications Express and Access Manager are installed and configured on separate nodes, the Web Server installed on the node containing the Communications Express throws a Java exception on restart. This is due to the incorrect settings in the Web Server's classpath (on the node where Communications Express is installed).


Edit the web_svr_base/config/server.xml file on the Web Server instance of the node where Communications Express is installed, and ensure that the following entries are available in the Web Server's classpath:


Unable to Configure Communications Express on Linux due to Self Referencing Symbolic Links. (6280944)

The Communications Express configurator creates a self referencing symbolic link on Linux under the /var/opt/sun/uwc/staging directory.


Remove all self referencing symbolic links from the /var/opt/sun/uwc/staging directory and redeploy UWC.

Communications Express Configurator Fails to Validate Application Server Port and as a Result the Configuration Hangs. (6298931)

The Communications Express configurator does not validate the Application Server port during configuration and thus the configuration hangs if a wrong Application Server port number is specified.

Configuration of Communications Express Hangs if Web Server is Running. (6264589)

The configuration of Communications Express hangs when the Web Server is running. This is due to an UnsatisfiedLinkError error.


Gracefully shutdown the Web Server by executing the command /web_svr_base/web_svr_domain_name/stop. This will allow the Communications Express configuration to proceed.