Sun Java System Communications Services 2005Q4 Release Notes

Microsoft Exchange Interoperability

The following issues relate to the interoperability between Sun Java System and Microsoft Exchange:

Free Busy Proxy for Exchange does not return complete Free/Busy information. (6174201)

Tab is inserted within a long subject. (6194768)

If a message from an Exchange server is sent to a server using Connector for Microsoft Outlook and Sun Java System Messaging Server with an exceedingly long subject, the message is sent with a tab inserted within the subject line.

Rules are not working correctly. (6200399)

Email filters (rules) which are created using LDAP GAL entries do not work in Outlook 2000. If the same procedure with an Exchange profile (adding an LDAP GAL and using one of the LDAP entries directly in a mail filter/rule) shows the same results in the Exchange profile. That is, in Outlook 2000, the filter will not work. In Outlook XP (and Outlook 2003), the filter does work.

As a workaround, add to your personal address book any contacts that you want to use in an email filter/rule. Then, use the local contact in the rule instead of the LDAP entry.

Rules from people or distribution lists do not work. (6203018)

If a distribution list from a personal address book (in the contacts folder) is added to an email rule/filter, a dialog from the rules wizard appears asking if the distribution list should be expanded. The rules/filter requires that the rule contain the expanded list of email addresses. If an LDAP group (from an LDAP GAL) is added to a rule/filter, the rules wizard does not ask to expand the group and simply uses the email address of the group itself. Rules which are created using LDAP groups do not work. This same behavior can be observed in profiles which connect to Exchange (and which have LDAP directories configured as services).

As a workaround, add the individual group members to your personal address book and use them in the email filter.

Cannot recover deleted items. (6255190)

After selecting “Empty Deleted Items Folder,” Connector for Microsoft Outlook does not allow for recovery of deleted items.

Receipt of a message with embedded OLE objects and HTML in RTF from Exchange (versions 5.5, 2000, and 2003) to Connector for Microsoft Outlook does not work.