Sun Java System Communications Services 2005Q4 Release Notes

Localization Issues

The following issues affect the localized versions of Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook:

Localized online help on Windows machines may contain one or more issues in the following areas (5035363, 5031913, 5028387, 5028413, 5034886):

Installer for the Deployment Configuration Program is not localized. Some of the installation panels for the Connector for Microsoft Outlook are also in English (5028359).

Unrecognized characters appear while entering a Korean full name in the Korean Connector for Microsoft Outlook installation panel (5028453).

Log file may contain unrecognized characters (5033783).

“Contacts” is garbled (6212970).

In the “Select members” window, the item “Contacts” in the “Show names for the” combo box is garbled (Japanese and Chinese versions of Outlook 2003 on Windows XP).

Japanese characters garbled when printing from configuration program (6309420).

If Japanese characters are included at printing from the Deployment Configuration Program, they are garbled.

Description of some buttons missing in Setup Wizard (6309494).

In the Traditional Chinese version, some words as button labels are missing in the description part of the Setup Wizard panels (“Next,” “Install,” “Back,” and “Cancel”).

Setup Wizard dialog corrupted (6309523).

The Setup Wizard dialog in the Outlook 2000 on Windows 2000 Japanese and Chinese versions is corrupted for “Sun Communication Server.”

Cannot find profile if profile name is in Japanese (6310160).

If a profile is in Japanese, the conversion fails (Outlook 2003 on Windows 2003).

Outlook does not start when profile is manually created (6310190).

After creating a profile manually, Outlook cannot start with this profile. The error message “Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook error” is displayed.

Cannot convert IMAP profile name in Japanese (6313321).

If an IMAP profile already exists, and this profile has never been used by Outlook, the conversion fails.