Sun Java System Communications Services 2005Q4 Release Notes

Administration Console

The Sun Java System Administration Console has been deprecated and will be removed from the Messaging Server product in a future release.

The following bugs affect the deprecated Administration Console product:

Administration Console can not be started on Red Hat Linux platforms. (6215646)

On Red Hat Linux 3.x, Administration console can not be started. If you click Messaging Server node or Open button on Administration Console, nothing happens. On Red Hat Linux 2.x, Console is started but is missing Manage Certificate button.

Can't start/stop services from Administration console (6215105)

Can't stop IMAP, POP, MTA and HTTP services from Administration console; eventually, the console freezes. This bug will be fixed in the forthcoming patch release.

Administration Server console does not recognize preconfigured Messaging Server in SSL mode. (5085667)

If you have preconfigured the Messaging Server for SSL use, and if you access the Messaging Server configuration from the Administration Server console, the console does not recognize the installed certificates. The Administration Server console attempts to create a new key database.


Before you use the Administration Console, create symbolic links (symlinks) for the SSL certificates from the <msg-svr-root >/config area to the <admin-server-root >/alias area, as follows:

(Linux) Messaging Server console shows an error opening online help. (5054732)

Cannot Create a User Through the Administration Console (4852026 & 4852004)

Messaging Server no longer supports user or group creation using the Administration Console. User and group entries should be created using the User Management Utilities. The following error messages may appear when logging in as, or sending mail to, a user created using Administration Console:

Quota root does not exist

4.0.0 temporary error returned by alias expansion: . . .