Sun Java System Communications Services 2005Q4 Release Notes

Registering and Activating the Storage Resource

Before you can bring the Instant Messaging data service online, you need to register and activate the storage resource as described in this section.

ProcedureTo Register and Enable the Storage Resource

  1. Register the storage resource.

    If you are using HAStoragePlus with a global file system (GFS), set the mount point as the value for the FileSystemMountPoints property. For example:

    # scrgadm -a -j im_resource_group_store
     -g im_resource_group -t SUNW.HAStorage   \
    -x FileSystemMountPoints=/global/
    im -x AffinityOn=True

    Otherwise, specify the mount point as the value for the ServicePaths property. For example:

    # scrgadm -a -j im-resource-group-store
     -g im-resource-group -t SUNW.HAStorage   \
    -x ServicePaths=/global/im -x AffinityOn=True
  2. Enable the storage resource:

    # scswitch -e -j im_resource_group_store