Sun Java System Communications Services 6 2005Q4 Schema Reference



Messaging Server 5.0


ces, multi-valued

Object Classes



Identifies mail users allowed to send messages to the mail group. The Messaging Server expects this attribute to contain either a distinguished name or an RFC822address using an LDAP URI or a mailto address (see example). If a distinguished name is used, it must represent a mailable entry or entries of type group or groupOfUniqueNames. (That is, the group entry must contain an email address in one of the following attributes: mail, mailAlternateAddress, mailEquivalentAddress.) If no instances of this attribute exist on the inetMailGroup entry, then there are no restrictions on who can send messages to the mail group unless the mgrpAllowedDomain and mgrpDisallowedDomain attributes are used.

If multi-valued, each URL is expanded into a list of addresses and each address is checked against the current envelope “from” address. The message is allowed if there is a match.

To specify that only the members of this group can post to the group, use the group name as the value of the attribute.

If none of the attribute values is a valid URL, or none of the members of the group specified in the attribute value have a valid URL, then the message will bounce.

Note –

LDAP_AUTH_URL is the MTA option used to specify a different attribute name for this function.


mgrpAllowedBroadcaster: ldap:///uid=bjensen,