Service Registry 3 2005Q4 User's Guide

Selecting a Query

The Select Predefined Query drop-down list contains the items shown in Table 1–2.

Table 1–2 Predefined Queries

Query Name 

Search Purpose 

Basic Query 

The default generic query, which allows you to search by object type, name, description, and classification 

Basic Query - Case Sensitive 

Case-sensitive version of Basic Query 


Finds all objects owned (published) by the user who makes the query. May take a long time if the user owns many objects 


Finds the User object for the user who makes the query

The default selection is Basic Query. The following sections describe how to perform basic queries:

Use the FindAllMyObjects query to search for all the objects that you have published. Use the GetCallersUser query to view or modify data for the user you created when you registered.