Service Registry 3 2005Q4 User's Guide

Searching by Name and Description

ProcedureTo Search by Name or Description

  1. From the Select Predefined Query drop-down list, select either Basic Query or Basic Query -- Case Sensitive.

  2. Type a string in the Name or Description field.

  3. Click Search.

    By default, the search looks for a name or description that matches the entire string that you typed. You can use wildcards to find a range of objects.

    The wildcard characters are percent (%) and underscore (_).

    The % wildcard matches multiple characters:

    • Type %off% to return names or descriptions that contain the string off, such as Coffee.

    • Type nor% to return names or descriptions that start with Nor or nor, such as North and northern.

    • Type %ica to return names or descriptions that end with ica, such as America.

    The underscore wildcard matches a single character. For example, the search string _us_ would match objects named Aus1 and Bus3.