Service Registry 3 2005Q4 User's Guide

Adding Objects to a Registry Package

A RegistryPackage is an object that contains other registry objects. Typically, you use a RegistryPackage to group logically related objects. The objects can be of different types and can have different owners.

You add objects to a RegistryPackage by specifying their unique identifiers. If you try to type the unique identifiers, you are likely to make errors. Therefore, the following steps describe how to add objects by copying and pasting the identifiers.

ProcedureTo Add Objects to a Registry Package

  1. Create a RegistryPackage object as described in To Create and Publish a New Registry Object. Specify a name and, optionally, a description, but do not add any RegistryObjects to the RegistryPackage at this time.

  2. After you click Apply to save the RegistryPackage, pin the RegistryPackage as described in To Use the Pin Feature.

  3. Use the Web Console to search for the objects you want to add to the RegistryPackage. Pin each object as you find it.

  4. Click the Details link for an object you want to add to the RegistryPackage.

  5. In the Details panel for the object, copy the Unique Identifier by using your keyboard (Control-C or the Copy key).

  6. In the Search Results area, click the Details link for the RegistryPackage.

  7. In the Details area for the object, click the Registry Objects tab.

  8. Click Add to Package.

  9. In the Unique Identifier field, use your keyboard to paste the identifier you copied (Control-V or the Paste key).

  10. Click Add.

    The object appears in the Registry Objects area.

  11. Click Apply in the Details area to save the RegistryPackage.

  12. Repeat steps 4 through 11 to add each additional object to the RegistryPackage.