Service Registry 3 2005Q4 User's Guide

ProcedureTo Add an External Identifier

To add an external identifier to an object, search for the appropriate classification scheme, then specify a value.

  1. In the Details area for the object, click the External Identifiers tab.

    The External Identifiers table, which can be empty, appears.

  2. Click Add.

    A Details Panel window opens.

  3. Type a name and, optionally, a description for the external identifier.

  4. Click the Select ClassificationScheme button.

    A ClassificationScheme/Concept Selector window opens.

  5. Expand the ClassificationSchemes node, then select a classification scheme that has no concepts.

  6. Click OK to close the ClassificationScheme/Concept Selector window.

    The classification scheme appears in the Details Panel window.

  7. Type a value in the Value field.

  8. Click Add to save the new object and close the Details Panel window.

  9. Click Apply in the Details area for the object.