Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Release Notes

Installation Notes for J2EE Agents in Policy Agent 2.2

The installation and uninstallation processes for this release have changed dramatically. However, the post-installation configuration has not changed as much. For this release, the installation and uninstallation processes rely heavily on the agentadmin program. The directory structure of J2EE agents has also changed significantly. This section briefly describes these aspects of J2EE agents. See the individual J2EE agent guides for detailed information. For a current list of individual J2EE agent guides, see Supported Servers and Documentation of J2EE Agents in Policy Agent 2.2 in Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 User’s Guide.

Using the agentadmin Program with J2EE Agents

The agentadmin program is a required tool for the 2.2 release of J2EE agents. The most basic of tasks, such as installation and uninstallation can only be performed with this program.

This section lists the tasks you can perform with this program. Moreover, this section lists the specific options you need to issue with the agentadmin command to accomplish each task:

Table 7 The agentadmin Command: Supported Options


Task Performed 


Installs a new agent instance 


Uninstalls an existing Agent instance 


Displays details of all the configured agents 


Displays details of the agent corresponding to the specified agent IDs 


Displays the version information 


Encrypts a given string 


Generates an Agent Encryption key 


Uninstalls all the agent instances 


Displays the usage message 


Displays a brief help message 

Policy Agent Directories

Agent instance information is stored in its own directory at the following location:


where PolicyAgent-base represents the directory where a J2EE agent is installed

and where AgentInstance-Dir refers to an agent instance directory and represents the directory for a specific instance of a J2EE agent.

Deploying the Agent Application

The following task is a required post-installation step.

Deploy the URI for the agent application using the deployment container, such as the application server.

The agent application is a housekeeping application used by the agent for notifications and other internal functionality. This application is bundled with the agent binaries.

Combining a J2EE Agent With Access Manager (Conditional)

This is a conditional post-installation step that must be performed when a J2EE agent is installed on an deployment container instance where Access Manager has already been installed. Note that Access Manager should be installed prior to the agent being installed.