Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Release Notes

ProcedureTo Enable the agentadmin Script to Locate the Respective JCE Implementation

  1. Change to the directory containing the agentadmin file:

  2. Create a backup copy of agentadmin file.

    This file is either the agentadmin script or, for Windows systems, the agentadmin.bat file.

  3. Edit the agentadmin file accordingly.

    1. Locate the last line of the agentadmin script.

      This line starts with the following string: $JAVA_VM -classpath ...

    2. Add the following two properties between the string $JAVA_VM and the string -classpath:

      -DamCryptoDescriptor.provider=IBMJCE -DamKeyGenDescriptor.provider=IBMJCE

      For example, after editing the final line of the script, it appears as follows:

      $JAVA_VM -DamCryptoDescriptor.provider=IBMJCE
      -DamKeyGenDescriptor.provider=IBMJCE -classpath $AGENT_CLASSPATH $*