Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Release Notes

Exceptions thrown when Access Manager uses polling with a J2EE agent (6452320)

Errors can occur when you perform both of the following:

  1. Deploy amclientsdk.jar file on a client machine, such as when deploying a J2EE agent.

  2. Enable polling in Access Manager.

The errors that appear are similar to the following:

ERROR: Send Polling Error: amSessionPoller thread pool's task queue 
is full.

Workaround: This workaround is specific to J2EE agents. If you deployed Access Manager Client SDK in another manner, such as by deploying the Distributed Authentication UI, the two properties mentioned subsequently would be added to the Access Manager configuration file instead of to the J2EE agent configuration file.

If you have only a few hundred concurrent sessions, you can create the following properties in the J2EE agent configuration file by adding the two following lines to the bottom of the file:


For thousands or tens of thousands of sessions, the values should be set the same as those for notification in the Access Manager file after running amtune-identity.

For example, for a machine with 4GB of RAM, the Access Manager amtune-identity will set the following:


You can set similar values in the J2EE agent configuration file when the machine for the J2EE agent has 4GB of RAM: