Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Release Notes

The agentadmin --install command fails to install the J2EE agent because of a previous unsuccessful installation (6443460)

An agent instance directory, for example agent_001, is created early in a J2EE agent installation. If that installation is unsuccessful, then the actual agent “agent_001” is not created, but the directory agent_001 might have been created. If the agent instance directory was created, the installer does not remove it in cases where the installation fails. In such a scenario, a subsequent installation attempt of a J2EE agent would fail unless the directory agent_001 is manually removed first.

In this scenario, the installer does not detect the previously unsuccessful installation of agent_001. and, therefore, attempts to create it. At first, the installer only searches for the agent instance, not the agent instance directory. As the installation begins, the installer attempts to create the agent_001 directory, but at that point the installer finds that this directory already exists. The installer then aborts the installation. In such a scenario, an error message such as the following is issued:

ERROR: Installation failed due to the following error - (Failed to
create directory /export/j2ee_agents/am_websphere_agent/agent_001.)

Workaround: Manually remove the agent instance directory of the unsuccessful agent installation before attempting to install the agent again.