Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Release Notes

Documentation Updates

Wrong separator used in web agent guides for property (6901494)

Some web agent guides show a colon rather than an equal sign (=) as the separator to set the property. To set this property, always use the equal sign. For example: = n

Where n represents the size of a file in bytes. The file size should be a minimum of 3000 bytes. The default size is 10 megabytes.

Policy Agent 2.2 documentation should reference OpenSSO (6857941)

The Policy Agent 2.2 guides refer to Sun Java System Access Manager. The version 2.2 policy agents, however, are also compatible with Sun OpenSSO Enterprise and Sun OpenSSO Express releases.

Considerations for using a version 2.2 policy agent with OpenSSO Enterprise or OpenSSO Express include:

For more information about policy agents, see the following documentation collections: