Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Release Notes

IIS 6.0 agent behind a load balancer now evaluates requests against not-enforced client IP list (6894700, 6864977)

Previously, if a load balancer or proxy was configured in front of the Microsoft IIS 6.0 agent and a user attempted to access a protected resource from a machine whose IP was in the not-enforced client IP list, the user would be redirected to the Access Manager or OpenSSO server, since the agent used the IP of the proxy instead of the client machine.

The Policy Agent Update 2.2-04 release includes the following new properties in that you can set if a load balancer is deployed in front of the IIS 6.0 agent and you want the agent to evaluate the request against the not-enforced client IP list:

After you set these properties, restart the IIS 6.0 instance.

Note. These new properties apply only to the IIS 6.0 agent. CR 6894700 fixes the 32-bit IIS 6.0 agent, and CR 6864977 fixes the 64-bit IIS 6.0 agent and OWA.