Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Installation Guide

Before You Begin

Before upgrading to Portal Server 7 software on the Solaris platform, perform the following pre-upgrade steps:

  1. Verify that the web container and web container Admin Server are running.

  2. Verify that the following values are set:

    • ANT_HOME is set to a valid Ant installation path.

    • JAVA_HOME is set to a Java Development Kit (JDK) v1.4.2 or higher.

    • AM and AM SDK are at the Java Enterprise System Release 4 level.

  3. On Solaris, after Access Manager upgrade to Java Enterprise System 4, verify that the revision of SUNWamsdkconfig is 7.0 by issuing the command pkginfo -x SUNWamsdkconfig. If value is not set to 7.0, edit file /var/sadm/pkg/SUNWamsdkconfig/pkginfo file. Set the version as 7.0 (VERSION=7.0,...). Reset to the original value after upgrade.

  4. If you upgrade the gateway, the Netlet Proxy, or the Rewriter Proxy, verify that these components are stopped before starting the upgrade.

  5. On a node on which Portal Server is not installed—that is, the gateway, Netlet Proxy, or Rewriter Proxy only node—edit PortalServer6.3.1-base/lib/ Change the line with productversion= to with version=. Reset to the original value after the upgrade.

  6. See to perform an upgrade on a gateway-only node.