Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Installation Guide

Miscellaneous Checks

  1. If the install system does not have direct connectivity to the internet, an HTTP proxy needs to be specified. For example, for Sun Java System Application Server, specify the following in the domain.xml file:


    Here, Proxy-Host is the fully-qualified domain name of the proxy host, Proxy-Port is the port on which the proxy is run, and PortalServer-Host is the fully-qualified domain name of the Portal Server software host.

  2. Execute the command prtconf | grep Memory to check RAM.

  3. Use the command df -lk to see how much swap space your machine has. To temporarily increase your swap space by 4 Gbytes, you can use the following instructions:

    > mkfile 4g /fourGigXtraSwap
    > swap -a /fourGigXtraSwap