Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Installation Guide

Manual Steps to Enable Mobile Access in Portal Server 7

This section contains the following:

ProcedureTo Install Mobile Access on Java Enterprise System 4

You must perform the following pre-installation steps manually before installing Mobile Access packages. These steps must be performed before installing Java Enterprise System 4. On a machine without any Java Enterprise Server or Portal Server 7 packages, replace some JES4 installation packages with Portal Server 7 installation packages.

    In the Java Enterprise System 4 installer location, replace SUNWamma and SUNWammae packages with SUNWamma and SUNWammae packages from Portal Server 7 installer. The path to the folder is JES4-location/Solaris_sparc/Product/identity_svr/Packages/.

    After performing the preceding manual replacement of packages, you can proceed with installation of JES 4 components followed by Portal Server 7 installation and configuration.

ProcedureTo Enable Mobile Access functionality in Portal Server 7

You must perform the following manual steps to enable Mobile Access functionality in Portal Server 7.

  1. In the Portal Server console, click Portals

  2. Click portal1 in the list of portals.

  3. In the Current Location drop-down menu, select DeveloperSample.

    Note –

    If the user creates own organization, then select the user-created organization.

  4. In the Desktop Attributes section, change the default value of Parent Container to WirelessDesktopDispatcher.

  5. Ensure the value of Edit Container is set to JSPEditContainer.

  6. Ensure the value of Desktop Type is set to developer_sample.

  7. Click Save.