Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Installation Guide

ProcedureTo Configure Gateway Standalone Installation on a Separate Host

  1. In the installer Select Directory Server and Access Manager SDK and install the gateway with the “configure later” option.

    The Directory Server is used to run cacao mbeans.

  2. Manually copy the cacao “security” folder (/etc/opt/SUNWcacao/security) from the Portal Server machine.

    The security folder needs to be copied to communicate with remote mbeans running inside portal machine.

  3. Restart cacao of gateway machine.

  4. Start the Directory Server.

  5. If you are installing the gateway in the DMZ, open the following ports:

    • http port: port 80

    • jmx admin ports on the firewall: 10161, 10162 and 10163

    • Portal Server's port to the Directory server port: 389 (default)

  6. Edit the example10.xml file under the PortalServer7-base/samples/psconfig directory. Go to the directory PortalServer7-base/bin and run

    ./psconfig --config example10.xml

    By default, PortalServer7–base is /opt/SUNWportal.

  7. Edit the to make the directory host point to the local Directory Server.