Sun Java System Portal Server 7 Installation Guide

ProcedureInstalling the Cacao Server and Derby

  1. Navigate to the /opt/SUNWportal/bin directory on the second Portal system.

  2. Copy the example2.xml file from /opt/SUNWportal/samples/psconfig to the current file (/opt/SUNWportal/bin).

  3. Replace the tokens in the file and run the psconfig command.

    ./psconfig config example2.xml

    The cacao server and Derby on the system are installed.

  4. When cacao and Derby are installed, go to the /opt/SUNWcacao/bin directory.

  5. Get the list of certificates available in the default instance of cacao server.

    ./cacaoadm list-trusted-certs -i default

  6. Extract the certificate from the default system.

    ./cacaoadm show-trusted-cert -i default cacao_ca

  7. Cut and paste this certificate into a file and name it ps2.cert.

  8. Follow the same procedure for the first portal system and save the file as ps1.cert.